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Oxfam Trail Running 2016

This time last week these 3 fitness assassins were about 1/2 way into their epic 100km run for Oxfam!  The amount of mental strength needed to get through such an event as this is phenomenally inspiring and I think we can all take something in our own way from their story and apply to our lives and goals.  Below is their journey captured by my main man Christian who’s day job is a Wedding photography (a far cry from the anguish he witnessed at certain points in this event).  Also a few accounts of the day from each of the team members Stacey, Brendan and Emma – incredible to read!  Feel free to share their story and “bring on next year!!”

Trail RunningBrendan’s Story

  • Lowest moment:  After 20 km I realised this is not going to be easy. I realised my body is not ready for this so it was up to my mind to finish this. So I just broke the run down to each checkpoint and made myself get to that checkpoint, where we were greeted with an amazing support crew.
  • Best moment:   It was about the half way mark ,when I realised that my wife is ‘unf*ckingbelievable’. I was in so much pain and she was still smiling. She made me push through my limits and finish the run. I think I would have pulled out if she was not next to me all the way. Stacey is an inspiration too. She pushed through her limits and conquered the run.
  • What would I do differently:   Train, train & train. I had the wrong attitude going into the event. I was to ‘cocky’. It is a bloody long way & don’t underestimate how strong your wife is.
  • Next goal:   After recovering I want to get as fit, strong and healthy as I can be.

Oxfam 2016 Oxfam team

Emma’s Story

  • Best Moment:  Reaching each checkpoint, greeted by smiles from our amazing crew who gave up their day to enable us to smash out a PB. Knowing we had so much support on the trail & from friends & family.  And having the opportunity to do the event as a team with my fricking unbelievable husband! 
  • Lowest Moment:  Coming into the final checkpoint, cooling down, stiffening up & realizing that the worst (Mt Little Joe) was still to come. My physical pain was only temporary, and a very small sacrifice compared to the poverty others live in their whole lives. 
  • What to do differently:  Try to do a few more longer runs and train as a full team, consult a sports nutritionist early on, and get professional advice on what we should be consuming to refuel across the distance.
  • Next Goal:  Doing the Upstream 50k challenge solo in Nov this year and going for a PB (sub 6 hours), and then Oxfam 100k April 2017 (once I’ve forgotten this pain!!) i don’t think I could possibly go faster, but ticking off my 5th & getting an Oxfam Legend bandana


Stacey’s Story

  • Best moment:  The moment I realised, I was going to make it! This happened for me at around the 38km mark. I knew from that point, that I would make it to the finish line. It was a good feeling to have and helped me stay positive when i was in pain or would loved to have just sat down for a moment. I know this sounds odd, but I actually can’t believe how easier than expected it was. Yes it was hard. Yes there was a a whole lotta hurt. Yes there was a lot of swearing and grimacing. But I honestly was expecting much worse. I believe endurance events are 90% mental. 10% physical (Or in Brendan’s case 95% mental), so once I’d set my mind, that it was going to be a lonnnnnggg day in the office and that it was going to hurt, then I was able to handle the rest. 
  • Lowest moment:  Between 15km and 33km I was in a world of pain. I couldn’t believe I was so sore, so early into the event. Then Emma mentioned the magic words, that got me through the day. NUROFEN!!
  • What to do differently:  I will always take Nurofen with me on any future events. Not something I have ever taken on a run before. I also forgot to stretch prior to starting, which explains the pain so early on. It’s not something I want to ever forget again.
  • Next Goal:  Umm…. Have a night out on the town with a glass of wine or two?? Fitness wise,  I’d like to do a couple of Marathons over the winter/spring months to keep my endurance fitness steady. I am also thinking of entering the Tarawera Ultra 100km in NZ early next year. Fancy joining me?

Support crew Teamwork Finish line oxfam 100km

Images courtesy of Christian Marc Photography

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15 Apr, 2016

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