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Fitness For a Mision

Date: TBA

Location: Mornington Park, Mornington

Partners: Active, Lululemon, No mind Yoga

Additional info: Keep posted for the next Fitness For A Mission where we will be raising funds for Sea Shepherd

Fitness for a Mission was created in 2013 with the sole purpose of helping raise funds for a well-known animal sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission, who were in dire need of expanding to another property much larger in order to keep housing rescued Farm Animals from around Victoria.  Together with the assistance of 3 other local Personal Trainers on the Mornington Peninsula, we planned and pulled off one massive fitness circuit in the heart of Mornington Park and managed to raise over $2,000 for our cause.

Fast forward another 3 different Fitness for a Mission events (FFAM 2,3 and 4) this has now become an annual event!  Again we hit over our targets and we were able to receive the support and backing of local business who provided donations, prize giveaways and vouchers for the goodie bags we handed out in thanks to everyone who attended.

The pattern of this beautiful mission of ours has been growing each year and with more incentives for participants to come we are hoping to keep the ball rolling more than once a year and picking a new charity each time!

**Keep posted for the next FFAM5 where we will be raising funds for Sea Shepherd

Visit Edgar’s Mission  | Visit Sea Shepard

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